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THE HARISHCHANDRA is delighted to announce our advisory committee to Protect Journalists, Media freedom, Legal and financial support and ensuring other wide level support related to journalism in the public interest, if you would like to apply for Media Assistance, please complete the form below.

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    Note :

    • If journalists are feeling insecure due to any article, news, report, disclosure published earlier;
    • Or because of any article, news, report, disclosure in today’s situation, a journalist is being intimidated, threatened, false case is being filed, legal notice, FIR, arrest, trial, murderous attack like facing difficult circumstances;
    • Or whether journalism is being obstructed or the freedom of the journalist is threatened, the life of the journalist and the family members of the journalist is in danger or attempts are being made to curb journalism by pressurizing the journalist in any other way;
    • or you have knowledge of any matter of public interest on which, after publishing or disclosing articles, news, reports, you believe that your security may be at risk;
    • Or there are such journalists in your acquaintance or contact, seeing their work you feel that the security of the said journalist may be threatened at any time in the future, so in such a situation contact the committee, inform the committee, appeal to the committee for advice, cooperation and further assistance.

    For any Feedback, suggestions, clarifications, questions, about Media Assistance please feel free to contact: [email protected]

    Thanking You
    The Harishchandra